Agra Cantonment Railway Station

By and large Agra Cantonment (AGC) station ( Agra Cantt.) is the main railway station for Agra. If you have no specific reasons for other stations in Agra, opt for the Agra Cantonment station for connections.

The Agra Cantt. is the best station in Agra with facilities like food court, luggage clock, A/C waiting room, many shops etc.

This station sits on a very busy point in the railways map. A large number of long distance trains pass via Agra Cantonment. Many trains even changes its directions at Agra cantonment, making the halt an unusual 30 minutes ( the time to change the engine location ).

The station is a 15-20 ride from the city center , in the southwest of the Agra city. There is also a prepaid taxi counter outside the Agra. See also other Railway Stations of Agra .

Yamuna River Map

Note the location of Agra city on the south banks, where Yamuna makes a sharp bend. Taj is right on the banks of the river.


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