Ajanta Cave 19

This is a massive Chaityagraha measuring about 16 meters long and 7 meters wide

This is a massive Chaityagraha measuring about 16 meters long and 7 meters wide. The cave was originally painted fully, but you can still find the traces of the paintings. This cave is believed to be of 5th century excavation work. This cave belongs to the later Mahayana period.

The highlight of this cave is the elaborately carved facade and the porch with richly carved pillars. Of the 17 pillars inside the cave, 13 resenmels of the Ajanta Cave 1. The capitals are decorated with projecting bracket spoting elephants and riders. Also are images of Buddha an verious postures above each pillars.

The final of the Stupa too is designed artistically, that almost touches the ceiling.

Buddha image on the Stupa is in standing posture.  Inside the cave the cornice and the pillar capitals are carved with Buddha images in various posture. The ceiling is ribbed , that imitates wooden design of ceilings, very similar to other Chaityagrahs in the rest of the Ajanta Caves.

The walls of this cave spots may paintings, though in somewhat damaged state. One of it depicts Buddha giving his begging bowl to Rahula.

At the facade , on either sides are life size images of Yakshagas.  There is a also a shrine of the snake god , Nagaraj on the left side of the porch. Despite the porous nature of the volcanic rock, these images are one amoung the treasured carvings in Ajanta.

Buddha in Standing posture

Buddha in Standing posture. Image on the Stupa in Cave 19 in Ajanta Caves

Naga shrine at Ajanta

Naga shrine at the porch of the Ajanta Cave 19. A local deity , Nagaraja (Lord of snakes)of the Waghora gorge. Siting next to him is his consort. Note the seven hooded serpent makes a hallow like protection over the Nagaraja's head, while a single hooded serpent over the head of his consort. Also seen it the corner is a female fly whisk bearer

Inside the Chaitrya Hall

Inside Ajanta Cave 19 . The stupa with standing image of Buddha carved on it

Ceiling Design

Ceiling Design of Ajanta Cave 19. The design imitates carpentry work, but executed with rock cutting


Porch to Ajanta Cave 19.

Capital Design

Note the design of the capitals at Ajanta Cave 19



Ajanta Caves

Facade of a cave in Ajanta




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