Around Somnathpur

There are quite a few attractions you can visit as part of your Somnathpur itinerary

There are quite a few attractions you can visit as part of your Somnathpur itinerary.

As a thumb rule, these attractions are along the path of Kaveririver.

Mysore : In all likelihood Mysore would be your base to explore Somnathpur.

Mysore is about 32 km west of Somnathpur. You'can take one of the two roads to Mysore (See Mysore to Somnathpur).

T.Narsipur (Tirumakudal Narsipur) & Sosale : This religiously and archaeologically significant small town is located at the confluence where Kabini River joins Kavery River.

On the edges of Kabini near the confluence is the imposing Gunja Narasimhaswamy temple complex, dating back to Vijayanagara period. Near by is the anciant Agasthyeshwara temple and a pippal tree believed to be 2000 years old.

The banks of Kavery and Kabini are please place and very released. The festival season attracts phenomenal number of pilgrims to T.Narsipur.

Also there are a few famous Mutts in T.Narsipur and Sosale

T.Narsipur is at a distance of about 8km south of Somnathpur.

Talakadu & Mudukuthore : Talakadu is located on the banks of Kaveri River where it makes an unusual bend.

Talakadu is both a popular religious and picknick location. The sand submerged temples known as Pancha Linga Temple are the prime attractions in Talakadu.

Somnathpur to Talakadu distance is about 25km via T.Narsipur. There is another narrower road via Saraguru, if you are keen on visiting the Mudukuthore temple too.

Shivanasamudra Falls : This immensely popular water fall is 42km east of Somnathpur. From Somnathpur you can drive to Shivanasamudra by two routes.
The shorter route is via Saraguru. The road is narrower and a bit patchy.
The better route is via Kollegal (NH212 & NH209). The distance is about 55km.

Srirangaparna : This historic island , the erstwhile capital of Tippu Sultan is located 35km northwest of Somnathpur. Srirangapatna is easily accessible from the junction where the Somnathpur-Bannur road joins the Bangalore-Mysore highway (SH17)


Somnathpur Road Map

You can reach by two routes, from Mysore. The first route is via Bannur, located about 8km north of Somnathpur. The distance is about 32km from Mysore.Take SH33 towards Malavalli and Bangalore to come out of Mysore city. At Bannur leave the highway and take the right diversion to Somnathpur. Road Route 1(via Bannur): Mysore --> 25km --> Bannur --> 8km --> Somnathpur The other road route from Mysore is via T.Narsipur and Sosale. T.Narsipura is about 8km south of Somnathpur. Mysore to Somnathpur via T.Narsipur is about 41km (25miles). Take the NH212 out of Mysore city. At T. Narsipur leave the highway and take diversion to Somnathpur road (Bannur road). Road Route 2 (via T. Narsipur): Mysore --> 35km --> T.Narsipur --> 8km --> Somnathpur

Places Near Somnathpur

Road map to places near Somnathpur


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