Bekal has a great combination of natural and historic attractions.

Bekal Beach seen from Bekal Fort northern portion

This is seen from the northern section on Bekal Fort. This port of the beach extends all the way till the Bekal Cliff (seen furthest in the background).

View from Bekal Cliff

Shell strewn beach right beneath the Bekal Cliff, a protruding laterite hillock.

Bekal Circular bastion overlooking the sea

The circular bastion built on the natural rocky outcrops in the sea is a brilliant military architecture feature. This served both as an access point to the seaside as well as a vantage point to mount the seaside artillery.

Bekal Airport

Mangaluru (Airport code : IXE) located 70km north of Bekal is the nearest airport for Bekal. Travel further by road to Bekal. National highway (NH66) connects Bekal with Mangaluru. It's a 2hour or so long ride by taxi. Other nearest options are Mysure (MYQ) and Kozhikode (CCJ). Mysore is 195km east of Bekal. Kozhikode is 245km south of Bekal. Mysore has very few connections while Kozhikode has fairly good domestic and international connections. If there are no specific reasons, opt for Manguluru, which is the most convenient airport for Bekal for obvious proximity reason.

Where is Bekal?

Bekal is located in the north Kerala district of Kasargod. Mangalore is about 70km north of Bekal. Bangalore is 365km east of Bekal. Kochi is about 350km south.

Bekal Fort View

view from bekal fort

View of Bekal beach from the Bekal Fort


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