Bekal to Valiyaparamba Backwaters

Valiyaparamba Backwaters near Bekal makes an an ideal daytrip from Bekal.

Located about 25km (16 miles) south of Bekal Fort, Valiyaparamba backwaters is a great addition to your Bekal tour itinerary.  Though not as elaborate with pomp and show  compared to the south Kerala backwaters, the Valiyaparamba backwaters is has its rustic charm and character.

There are two hubs from where houseboats in Valiyaparamba operate. These are located on the mouth of Thejaswini river, on the opposite banks. So the routes slightly varies depending on which houseboats you are planning to board.

It's an hours drive from Bekal Fort to the houseboat jetty in Valiyaparamba backwaters,  though it's only 25km.

The first step is to get to the highway (SH57). Fom Bekal Fort or Bekal Beach or other resorts nearby get it's a ¼ to 2km drive on the local road.

Once on the highway drive south towards Hosdurg/Kannur. You'll cross the Hosdurg town in about 16km. About 1½km further, you'll join the NH66 in a Y fork. Drive further 6km on the NH66 highway, you'll see the Gokulam Nalanda Resort on your right side. Immediately after the resort , the highway crosses the Karingode river. Leave the highway and turn right into the local road, soon after you've crossed the bridge.  This is an obscure junction, easy to overshoot. This is the Nileswaram-Kottapuram road.

House Boat jetties are about 2 to 2½ km from this junction. Now this road is a bit narrow and zigzag through the villages.

In about ¼km after you've left the highway, the road reaches a Y fork. If you've booked with houseboats operated by Bekal Ripples, take the right fork. About 2½km further drive will take you to the backwaters front. There are signboards by Bakel Ripples on this road.

If your houseboat operator is 'Thejaswini Houseboat', take the left fork of the Y junction. In about 2km you'll reach the backwater front near the Kottapuram-Achamthuruthi footbridge.The boat jetty is a short walk from here.

See the attached Bekal Route map for more details.

Public Transport: If you are backpacking or depending on public transport, this is the plan to travel from Bekal to Valiyaparamba.

There are frequent bus services  connecting Kasargod and Nileswaram

Take a local taxi or autorickshaw to the bus stop on the highway near to your location. Board the Nileswaram bound bus and getdown at Nileshwaram Market bus stop. Take a local taxi or autorickshaw from the bus stop.

Alternatively, you can travel by train also. There are two small railway stations near Bekal. Kotikulam (Station code:KQK) is located about 3km north of Bekal Fort and beach. About 6 daily trains towards Nileswaram stops here.

Bekal Fort Station (Station code : BFR) is 2km south of Bekal fort and beach. Only 3 passenger trains and the Malabar Express stops here.

Whichever station you take, it's about 25 minutes journey southwards to Nileswaram (Nileshwar) (Station code:NLE). From Nileshwar take a local taxi or autorickshaw to Valiyaparamba backwaters.

A tailpiece : Valiyaparamba offers short backwater tours (2-3 hours), full day tours (with lunch onboard) as well as overnight stay tours. Also walk on the Kottapuram-Achamthuruthi footbridge, the longest foot bridge in Kerala.

Fishing Boat in Kerala Backwater

Fishing Boat in Kerala Backwater

Bekal Ripples Jetty

The main gateway for Valiyaparamba backwaters tours is located about 22km south of Bekal.

Bekal Route Map

Route map and distances to attractions in and around Bekal, Kerala. Bekal - Ananthapura : 28km Bekal - Posadigumpe : 45km Bekal - Madhur : 20km Bekal - Adhur : 33km Bekal - Malik Deenar : 14km Bekal - Kasaragod : 12km Bekal - Hosdurg : 16km Bekal - Ranipuram: 54km Bekal - Nileshwar : 25km Bekal - Valiyaparamba Backwater Houseboat Jetty : 25km

Orcha Bridge

Road towards Valiyaparamba houseboat jetty

Fishing Boat in Kerala Backwaters

Fishing Boat in Kerala Backwaters

Valiyaparamba Backwaters Houseboat Jetty

Seen in background is the footbridge and the new bridge across the Tejaswini river

Backwaters in Kerala


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