Bombay University

Bombay University or Mumbai University as it is now called is one of the oldest universities in India

Bombay University or Mumbai University as it is now called is one of the oldest universities in India. It was begun by the British and has had a high standard of excellence.

The fact that even after all these years (more than one hundred and a fifty years) it is still standing strong is a tribute towards the quality of construction.

Mumbai University still has a high reputation within the country. Any student graduating from Mumbai University is believed to be of some standard. The number of disciplines under its wing has been on the increase. At its inception, there were basically only two academic streams which were Arts and Science. Commerce was added after that.

Today, since space has been a premium, Mumbai University has another campus at Vidyanagari which is at Kalina, in the suburbs. This wing of Mumbai University basically caters to post-graduate and work oriented courses such as Travel and Tourism. The examination centre is also located here - so also, convocation certificates are prepared and given here.

The main wing of Mumbai University is located at South Mumbai near the Mumbai High Court. The Rajabai Clock Tower is located within this campus. The Convocation ceremony is also held at this campus.

The oldest colleges which began under Mumbai University were St Xavier's, Elphinstone, Wilson, Grant Medical and K.E.M., which are all over hundred years old.
The campus is sprawling. Sturdy brown colored stoned has been used to build these buildings.

There are four entrances at each direction - east, west, south and north - now due to security reasons; all four exits are not kept open for students all the time.

The campus at Vidyanagari (which means place of education in Hindi) is also sprawling. It is also blessed with abundant greenery around it, a luxury which the main campus cannot enjoy since South Mumbai has become quite crowded and buildings are dotted all over the place.

Vidyanagari campus is almost equi-distant from both Western and Central railway stations (Kurla or Vidyavihar and Santacruz) this make it convenient for students. Also the population in the suburbs has been on the rise which has made it less difficult now for students to reach Vidyangari as compared to traveling all the way to South Mumbai where the main campus is located.

Certainly today, a student graduating from Mumbai University, in Maharashtra would have better value in the job market as compared to those who graduate from the hinterland.

Mumbai-University-Rajabai Clocktower

Sir George Gilbert Scott, an English architect designed the Rajabai Clock Tower. The tower is similar in design of the Elizabeth Tower, the clock tower of the UK houses of Parliament in London.


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