Char Chaman tank

Also called Anup Talao is a beautiful water body providing natural cooling at Fatehpur Sikri

Also called Anup Talao is a beautiful water body providing natural cooling at Fatehpur Sikri.

The Char Chaman tank has a beauty all its own. Various tanks and artificial lakes and ponds have been the hallmark of the Mughal cities.

Most cities developed by Mughal emperors usually had some kind of water body or the other. These tanks, ponds and lakes provided a place for recreation for the Royal and noble families. They visited these water bodies to enjoy the natural cooling effect of the water and spend some leisure time enjoying on the banks of these water bodies.

The main intention behind building these tanks was to provide natural cooling during summers. At the same time, these water bodies also served to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city complex.

Usually these tanks, ponds and lakes had some kind of building, statues or platforms built in the center. The Fatehpur Sikri - Char Chaman tank also has a platform built in the center. There are four bridges in four different directions that lead to the platform and allow people to reach the platform from either side. The platform and the bridges are made of red sandstone, which looks really beautiful along with the water.

Akbar, his begums and many noblemen often visited this tank in order to enjoy the refreshing cool breeze provided by the naturally cooling water. Many tourists visit this tank today and even now it is filled with water and maintained and cleaned regularly.

Any guide who is taking you on a tour of Fatehpur Sikri will make sure that you visit the Char Chaman tank as well.

Right around the corner is the Turkish Sultana's House and a bit away in the same complex is the Diwan-i-Khas. On the way you'll cross Pachisi Court.

Anup Talao also Char Chaman tank

Anup Talao also called Char Chaman tank located inside the main palace complex in Fatehpursikri

Char Chaman tank

Char Chaman tank also called Anup Talao, with is central island like platform


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