Facilities in Pattadakal

So, you have finally arrived in Pattadakal! You will notice that it is a tiny village and it has gained in popularity by virtue of its scores of ancient temples

So, you have finally arrived in Pattadakal! You will notice that it is a tiny village and it has gained in popularity by virtue of its scores of ancient temples. These belong to the age-old Chalukyan dynasty. UNESCO has now declared Pattadakal a World Heritage Site. Wondering how to move around while you are visiting? Well, do not worry! It is a very popular tourist destination and thus has a whole lot of amenities that you can trust.

Before you get it, it would be advisable to check with a couple of hotels to see if it is located at a convenient spot from where your entire site seeing becomes more feasible, which one might suit your budget and which one meets your expectations best! If you are travelling in the high season, chances are that all hotels would be fully occupied so you will be in a spot. It is always better to plan ahead so that you can make the most of your stay! Let us give you an idea of which hotels you can consider. You should be aware of course that these are among 1, 2 and 3 star accommodations: Hotel Anand Deluxe maybe a very prudent choice because it is near the Pattadakal Bus Stand so in case you have got in by bus, it is practically a stone’s throw away. Travelers Bungalow is also recommended as it is on the Station Road so again very conveniently located. Other than these, you could also find out about Hotel Badami Court, Hotel Mayura Adil Shah, Hotel Mookambika Deluxe and KSTDC Mayura Chalukya. Since this is a tiny village and not very distant from the towns of Aihole and Badami, you could mentally keep the option open to look out for accommodation in these places too, especially Badami since it is only about 20 km away!

Pattadakal being a small village may not offer you state-of-the-art transportation. Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasonably comfortable and cost-effective transportation options that you can bank on. There are auto-rickshaws that are readily available. You can in fact ride one of these from the Railway station into the main town. They are inexpensive and have friendly drivers! You may have to spend only about INR 300 for the trip from Badami. You can also hire private taxis to move around if you are willing to spend some extra money. Private buses around the village are the most widely used means of transport.

If you read through the ‘Tourism-of-India.com’ website, you will easily get access to a lot of information about tourism in Pattadakal. This site is full of ideas about how you can best optimize your stay here. You could consider several tour packages. Taking these makes your holiday very organized especially if you are pressed for time and have only a few days to see whatever you can. Look at these sites so that you get to know about all kinds of hotels whether economy type or Govt. approved. You get to know about Transport options, guides, escorts and different package tours. You will have a great time no doubt!




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