How to Reach Bekal

Bekal in Kerala is located 65km (40 miles) south of Mangalore (nearest airport) and 85km north of Kannur.

Bekal is well connected by road and rail. National Highway (NH17/NH66) that connects Kochi with Mumbai via Goa, passes right through Bekal town.

The Mangalore-Kochi railway route also passes via Bekal.

Kanhangad (KZE) and Kasargod (KGQ) are major railway stations on the south and north of Bekal, respectively. Bekal is 30min drive from either of these stations.

Though Bekal has a small railway station (Bekal Fort Station, Code:BFR), near the Bekal Fort and Kotikulam (KQK) near Bekal. Only the local passengers and a few express trains stop at these two local stations.

Between Bekal Fort Station and Kotikulam, you'll find more trains stop at Kotikulam.

From Bengaluru (Bangalore) : It's a 8 hour drive (about 380 km) from Bangalore. See the Bangalore to Bekal travel options.

If you are looking for train option, try the overnight Kannur Express (Train No:16517/16518). Book well in advance seats are in high demand.
There is also the weekly Yestantput-Mangalore Express (Train No:16565/16566).

From Mangaluru (Mangalore) : Mangaluru is 65km north of the resort on NH66. Driving takes about 2hours.
You'll find a southbound train to Kasargod (Station Code:KGQ) from Mangalore (MAQ), every 1 hour or so. Travel time is ½hour to 1 hour, depending on the train type.

A few of these trains (Malabar Express, Trivandrum Express etc) stop at the local small railway station Kotikulam (KQK) as well.

From Kochi (Cochin) : It's a 10 to 12 hour drive all the way on NH66.

Also there are bus connections (KSRTC) to Kasargod from Ernakulam.

The ideal option is to travel by train. It's about 8hours journey. There are over 12 daily northbound trains from Ernakulam to Kasaragod.

At the Ernakulam side check for both the stations at Ernakulam - Ernakulam Junction (ERS) and Ernakulam Town (ERN)) - as some trains do not pass/stop at both of these stations.

On the Kasargod side , check is the train stops at Kotikulam (KQK). This is the closes station. Otherwise getdown at Kasargod (KGQ).

From Madikeri : It's a 4 hour drive (120km) across the Western Ghats region.

From Mumbai: Fly to Mangalore (1hour) and then travel by road to Bekal (1hour).
There are about 6 Kerala bound trains from Mumbai (connect from stations LTT,PNVL etc) on the Konkan route via Goa. Journey time is about 20 hours.


Road in Kerala after Jalsoor

Road towards Kasaragod, as you enter Kerala state from Jalsoor in Karnataka.

Gundya Junction on NH75

The diversion you needs to take from NH75 (Bangalore-Mangalore Highway) to Subrahmanya. There is a Forest department check post (see the gate across the road), the junction is popularly called Gundya Check Post junction.

Cherkala Junction

Turn left for Bekal, Kanhangad, Nileshwar. The Right for will lead to Kasargod town.

Bangalore to Kerala

From Jalsoor the road zigzag through the reserve forest and villages in Kasaragod.

Thekkil Bridge

Thekkil Bridge across Payaswini River near Bekal

Bangalore to Bekal Road

The interstate highway that passes through the forest ranges saddling Kerala and Karnataka.


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