Kerala is distinctively unique compared to its larger neighboring states.

On the map Kerala looks as a long thin strip of land along the southwestern coast of Indian peninsula. Once you get to Kerala you realize that it was in fact not as small a place as you thought earlier.

The language spoken is Malayalam, which is a mysterious blend of two diametrically opposite languages - Tamil and Sanskrit. People of the state is called Malayali

Catholicism and Communism have its deep roots in Kerala’s society. If you are all out to research the origin of Islam in India, start with a small town in central Kerala. This first mosque in India (rather,the first outside arabia) was built in Kodungalloor in AD 629 when Islam as a newfound religion was at the best a couple of decades old.

It is a few places on earth where four major religions - Islam, Christianity Judaism and Hinduism - met, coexisted and flourished peacefully for centuries. That reflects on the moorings of Kerala society and its attitudes.

The state boasts of 100% literacy. Female population outnumbers that of male. The society is more equitable. An average malayali is proud of the achievements of Kerala, probably, including the trade union movements that drove away the industrialization of the state.

This hyper activism on political front is the hallmark of Kerala. Calling for strike at the drop of a hat, for any mundane reason has achieved artistic perfection in Kerala.

That means your Kerala travel checklist has one more important point to be ticked off.

Check out with the local media if there is any call of strike (typically declared the previous day as a knee-jerk to some incident elsewhere on earth!).

Everything comes to a standstill, including the public transportation system. The standard exemptions are for marriage parties, ambulances, funeral and milk delivery. Milk, because a Keralite can not survive the day without their usual dose of Chai at regular intervals!

At the end of your Kerala trip you would have ample reasons to believe that Kerala indeed the God’s Own Country. The only doubt probably haunt you could be - Is God too a communist in Kerala! ?

Monsoon in Kerala begins by early June and lasts for about 4 months.  Though summers are sticky and hot - thanks to the warm sea breeze - winter months are never freezing cold. In other words Kerala has the typical tropical climate.

Attractions in Kerala:
2.Beaches : Varkala, Cherai , Kappil , Bekal , Fort Kochi,
3.Hill Stations : Munnar,Wayanad
4.Heritage : Bekal, Kollam,St. Francis Church, Mattancherry Palace, Vasco House, Santa Cruz Basilica, Jewish Synagogue,Bolgatty Palace, Hill Palace,Kaladi

Kumbalangi Village, Kodanad Elephant Training Centre, Malayattoor Church, Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Aqua Tourism at Palaikari

The real attraction of Kerala tour lies in its attitude. People are friendly, curious and helpful. One can travel the state in a casual way and safely.

Though the quality of roads could not be described as the best, the whole state is interconnected with a crisscrossing network of roads. State owned 'KSRTC' and private buses compete to woo passengers.

The railway practically runs through the full length of Kerala, offering good rail connectivity within and other cities of India. This tiny state has three airports with international and domestic connections.

And lastly it is not an expensive affair to travel in Kerala. You can piggyback on the cheaper public transport system aimed at the so-called common man. Stay in economical lodges. The food is of course inexpensive. ( See also  Kerala backwaters on a shoestring budget )

House Boat in Kerala

House boats, one of the popular attractions of Kerala's tourism

A street in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram)

A street in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) , the capital of Kerala

Highways Map of Kerala

Road Networks of Kerala.

Kerala Temple

Note the uniqueness of the architectural in stark contrast with other temple architectural styles in the south Indian region.

Road through Rubber Plantation

Kerala has significant rubber growing regions.

Backwaters Map of Kerala

Kerala backwaters map showing the locations of Lake, Kayamkulam backwaters, Thottapally Lake, Kuttanad Backwaters, Vembanadu Backwaters, Enamavu backwater, Chettuva Backwater, Ponnani Backwaters, Kavvayi Backwaters, Valiyaparamba Backwaters, Padanna Backwaters, Padanna Backwaters, Thiruvallam backwaters,Aakkulam Lake,Kadinamkulam backwaters,Edava-Nadayara Backwaters,Paravur Backwaters, Ashtamudi Backwaters, Vattakayal


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