Also called the cultural capital of India, Kolkata is the capital of the eastern state of West Bengal

Also called the cultural capital of India, Kolkata is the capital of the eastern state of West Bengal .Located on the banks of the river Hooghly in the Ganges delta of eastern India; Kolkata was originally a vast wetland which has been reclaimed over the years to accommodate the growing city. With a population of over fifteen million people, Kolkata is the third largest metropolitan city in India.Kolkata was the capital of the British Empire in India till 1911.Kolkata is a vibrant place full of history, art, architecture and culture and is one of the few cities in the world where the old and the new, history and modernity, art and commerce seamlessly blend into each other and coexist with each complementing the other.

Kolkata or Calcutta as it was formerly known as was the area comprising of the three villages of Kalikata,Sutanuti and Govindapur.

It has been credited to an administrator with the British East India Company, Job Charnock,although now the historians have pointed out that the city does not have a founder.

Kolkata is divided into two parts for the sake of administration. The Kolkata city falls under the jurisdiction of the Kolkata.It Municipal Corporation whereas the Kolkata.It Metropolitan under is administered by several local Government bodies.Kolkata is roughly divided into North, Central and South Kolkata..
North Kolkata is the older part of the city. Some call it the real Kolkata.It is a world of its own with narrow streets and lanes and very old buildings and architectural styles that hark back to the British era. It is also home to many famous poets, scholars and dramatists. Central Kolkata comprises of the areas of Dalhousie, Central Avenue, Lalbazar, Esplanade and Park Street. It is the major commercial and administrative hub of Kolkata. The Writers building, the Lalbazar Police headquarters, the Raj Bhawan are all located in Central Kolkata.
Also the offices of the Tea board, the ITC,major hotels and all major companies and brands have their offices and shops in Central Kolkata.
South Kolkata is relatively newer Kolkata and comprises of Alipore,Lake Gardens,Rashbehari and Ballygunge. This area of Kolkata is in complete contrast with the northern part of the city and is relatively new and well planned. Salt Lake city and Patuli are major planned townships of Kolkata. Rajarhat on the North eastern corner of the city is an upcoming township and is part of greater Kolkata.
Kolkata is one city where public transport is easily available. There are numerous buses that ply along different routes in Kolkata and keep the entire city well connected. Taxis and auto rickshaws are also a quick way to move around the city.

The circular rail within the city is also used by people for traveling long distances within the city. The subway or the metro rail is probably the best way to go around Kolkata It starts from Dumdum in the extreme North and has been recently expanded to Garia in the south.Trams move around in some part of the city. They are still used by people but it is a time taking exercise.
The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International airport is the only airport of the city although the city boasts of two large railway stations at Howrah and Sealdah.Two new stations named Shalimar and Kolkata have been recently added to the city.

Bengalis form the majority of the population of Kolkata with the Marwaris, Biharis, Christians and Jains also forming an integral part of the city populace.Durga Puja is the main festival here and football the state sport and obsession.




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