Kuruva island also called Kuruvadweep is a popular attraction in Wayanad.

Kuruva is an uninhabited island, a cluster of them in fact , in the middle of the expansive Kabini river . Uninhabited it is and also bordering the forest ranges, Kuruva island represents a tiny unspoilt forest one can tour.

The island’s preservation and the eco tourism around it is managed by the participation of the local population living around it and the forest department.

So as a visitor what you can expect from a visit to Kuruva Island? The main theme is a nature walk. There are designated areas and paths in the island for the walk. No partying, or no picnic is allowed inside the island. It’s all about enjoying the pristine nature in its raw form.
For the urban dwellers this rain drenched thick vegetation is an ideal and easy to access sampler of a rainforest.
You can either tour the island all by yourself or seek the service of a local guide. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s first take the case of doing the tour with the assistance of a guide. At the entrance ticket counter located inside the Kuruva island you would be asked if you need a guide. The ticket counter is managed by the local people living around Kuruva , so are the guides.

The guide practically help you to navigate your way around the island. Also they are knowledgeable about the general environment and the ecology of the island. He can even take you to the ‘less trodden’ paths you would have otherwise unnoticed or skipped. Though touring Kuruva Island is known to be safe, the company of an experienced guide can be a bit reassuring especially when there are not many visitors around.
So those are the main advantages of having a knowledgeable guide accompanying you. The only negative side of having a guide accompanying you is the time restriction of a guided tour. As such there is no restriction on how long you can stay in the island during the day.
So if you belong to the ‘leave me alone’ breed, you can easily do it yourself without the help of a guide. Though the paths looks a bit complicated, it is unlikely that one will get lost in the island.
At the end you would have walked about 3 to 5 kilometers and finished the walk in about 2 to 3 hours.
The tour of Kuruva starts in the morning and closes by 5 PM. Be prepared to get a bit dirty as some portions of the island is marshy.
Are you a bunch of people with a little extra hunch for a mini adventure? Then ask for the trekking package at the counter. Reach Kuruva early, as this is a half day affair with some serious walking and scrambling across the many random islets. A guide accompanies. The fee is Rs800 including the guide charge for a batch of 5 people. They may not conduct this trek if the route is not accessible due to heavy rain.




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