List of Express and Mail trains

Here is a list of Express and mail Trains (see also Indian Train)

Here is a list of Express and mail Trains (see also Indian Train) . A large number of them operate daily. Some operates at lesser frequencies like weekly , bi-weekly , tri weekly etc. The train originating stations are listed in ascending order alphabetically. Some of the name are truncated or mentioned in short form. The column of the table below indicates the serial number , Train Name , From (origin) station and To (destination) station.

Please note this is only an Express Train and Mail train list.

Indian railways operate many more types of trains than this. For Example the Shatabdi Express and Rajadhani Express trains. For detailed time table

Also there are many slow passenger trains. The train info given here could not be current and may not get updated soon the railways make a change. The idea is to give a quick rough list of trains as a starting point to explore more. Always consult the Indian Railways website which is the authentic source for current and official information.

Mail/Express/Superfast Train Names with source and destination details

For detailed Schedules see Railway Time Table where the schedules are listed based on the train routes. For detailed descriptions of the trains see Indian Train page.

List of Express and Mail trains:
Train Number 02779 to 11098 | Train Number 11103 to 12342 | Train Number 12343 to 12474 | Train Number 12475 to 12640 | Train Number 12641 to 12908 | Train Number 12911 to 13114 | Train Number 13115 to 14034 | Train Number 14035 to 14810 | Train Number 14853 to 15640 | Train Number 15643 to 16318 | Train Number 16321 to 16856 | Train Number 16865 to 18204 | Train Number 18205 to 19028 | Train Number 19029 to 19654 | Train Number 19659 to 22688 | Train Number 22801 to 84369


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