Mahabalipuram at a distance about 60km south of Chennai is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in India.

Attractions in Mahabalipuram :
Pancha Rathas : The five monoliths located on the southernmost part of the village namely Draupadi Ratha , Arjuna Ratha , Bhima Ratha , Dharmaraja Ratha , Nakula Ratha and Sahadeva Ratha .
Hill Area : A large number of caves and located in this part including the flagship attraction, of Arjuna's Penance.

Arjuna's Penance :Arguably the world's biggest open-air bass relief mural, depicting the severe austerities performed in order to obtain Shiva's weapon called Pashupatastra.

Krishna's Butterball : A massive boulder precariously resting on a rocky slope.


Adi Varaha Cave :
Trimurti Cave :
Mahishamardini Cave :
Panchapandava Cave :
Kotikal Cave :
Koneri Cave :
Ganesha Ratha :
Pidari Ratha :
Valayankuttai Ratha :
Tiger Cave :
Atiranachanda Cave :
Mahishamardini Rock :
Shore Temple :
Rayar Gopuram :
Mahabalipuram Lighthouse :

Travel to Mahabalipuram:

Chennai to Mahabalipuram : The road distance is about 50km (31 miles). Take the ECR (East Coast Road) or OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), preferably ECR. Buses to Mahabalipuram operate from Koyambedu bus stand at Chennai.

Pondicherry to Mahabalipuram : The road distance is about 100km (62 miles)


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