Odayam Beach

Odayam is on the off the beaten part of Varkala's beaches

Odayam is on the off the beaten part of Varkala's beaches. As you walk northward along the beach-line from the Northern Cliff,  you will pass through the fisher folks villages. The touristic actions grow less hectic.  But still you can spot a randomly located 'guest houses' aimed at travelers seeking solitude away from the typical sun worshiping crowd.

At Odayam, you'll share the beach with the local fishermen folks who go about their daily lives at sea. Well, sometimes you may even asked to help them to pull that giant fishing net with the day's catch!

Guess you got the vibe of Odayam Beach.

Unlike the Papanasham beach, Odayam is a short narrow stretch of beach, most portion with blackish sand.

Set out from the norther part of the North Cliff. Head northward after crossing the Thiruvambadi Beach (Black Beach), you'll reach Odayam in 10-20 minutes of walk.

The main draw back of Odayam is the stiff prices of the accommodation. Unlike the packed accommodation scene atop the North Cliff with competitive pricing, Odayam accommodations command a premium.

However if you like the relatively hectic and less touristy ambient, its worth paying that extra.







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