Shopping Destinations In Mumbai

Mumbai the financial capital of India is made up of small islands

Mumbai the financial capital of India is made up of small islands. A part of it stretches from Colaba in the south to Virar in the north. In between there is the MahimCauseway that joins the islands, so locally any place south of Mahim is called town and north is called the suburbs.
In Mumbai you will find cheap street shopping as well as highly priced boutiques and stores. One has to shop as per their budget!

Most of the Indian handicraft emporiums are in an area called Colaba; these could be a little pricey but worth it. Now for some street shopping you must visit ‘Fashion Street’ that stretches along the Cross and Azad maidan (ground). Here you will see hundreds of tiny shops selling export surplus garments, jewellery, and accessories at affordable prices; these have western designs with an Indian touch. Bargaining here is mandatory and accepted like all the street markets in the world! You can get some great stuff here.

Another area close by is the ‘Crawford market’. This is a wholesale market where one can find things from nails to livestock. You name it they have it! If you are strong-hearted and have an agenda only then venture here because it’s over crowded and an extremely congested area.
A little further is the ‘Chor Bazaar’ (thieves market) now here you will find stolen stuff...No don’t feel bad its official. This place sells antiques from coins to furniture and also spare parts and electronics. Bargain and get a good deal.

As you head a little west you will come to an area called Breach Candy and Kemps corner. This place has boutiques and stores that have only designer stuff that’s exclusive but very expensive.

Close by there is the Zaveri Bazaar (jewelers market). Here there are many shops that sell gold, silver; diamond jewelry. This is one of Mumbai’s oldest markets.

As you move more towards the north you come to Mahim causeway, here on both sides of the road one can see tiny shops with men carving wood. These shops sell beautiful hand carved furniture but again you need to bargain here.
Then there is Bandra this place is famous for its shopping areas like ‘Hill road’ and ‘Linking road’ .Both places are famous for street shopping and one can spend the entire day looking for shoes, accessories, clothes etc.

The next shopping arena is the new shopping destination called Lokhandwala. This place has gained popular because it is the abode of many film and TV artists. The clothes and accessories here are hip and trendy.
Each suburb has a railway station and there are many shops selling all kinds of stuff like sweets and snacks, clothes, bags etc. Some popular places are Santa Cruz (west), Vile-Parle (east), Andheri (west) etc.
Mumbai also has a lot of new malls where you can shop for everything under one roof in the comfort of the AC.You will find good local & international brands here. If you are a shopaholic Mumbai is a great place for you.


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