Vivanta by Taj - Bekal

Vivanta Bekal, the super luxury resort is set in a sprawling coconut palm fringed property, sandwiched between the Kappil beach and Kappil River.

What makes this resort special?
Many things. First of all the exotic location where this resort is set. Bekal is till a the quintessential laid back beach destination.

Vivanta  is a sprawling beachside resort set in a secluded coconut palm fringed estate. Bekal River flows right around the edges of this resort. In fact the resort is spread on either side of the river, where it meets the sea.

You can practically walk on the thin sandy section of the beach sandwiched by sea, river and a laterite cliff, wondering if it's a backwater or beach resort.

Accommodation Types :

There are broadly two types of accommodation in this resort : Rooms and Villas.

The villa type is pretty exotic private cocoons. A typical variant looks like this. The expansive bedroom opens to a rectangular private courtyard at one side and and to a sitout court to the other. Around the corner of the courtyard is a plunge pool. Next to pool is a pavilion with swing like daybed.

To another corner of the courtyard is a pavilion with open air bathtub and  shower in the garden.

The whole setup is enclosed in a gated walled compound. Ideal for small family vacations as well as for honeymoon.

Of course all the villas are of not the same configuration as mentioned above. They vary greatly in sizes, location  and features (and prices too!). While booking pick the option suitable to you.

The room type accommodation are pretty compact and smart. The highlight is the view from the room. They overlook the garden, palmgrove and the Bekal Backwater.  Variants in rooms come with private sitout and terrace.

Irrespective of the room or villa, every accommodation comes with the standard paraphernalia (Wifi, Satellite TV etc)

How to reach Taj Bekal?

Nearest airport at Mangaluru (Mangalore) locally called the Bajpe airport. Airport code IXE.

The main rail route in Kerala passes a few kilometers off the resort.The main railway station is at Kasargod (Code:KGQ), 14km north of the resort.  Some trains stops at the local ration, Kotikulam (Code:KQK) , just 2km from the resort.

NH66, the north-south bound highway is a few km east of the resort.

Also see How to reach Bekal to see access options to the resort from major places.

If you are traveling from Bangalore, see Bangalore to Bekal for driving route options.

View of backwater and beach from Vivanta by Taj - Bekal

The Vivanta by Taj-Bekal is spread across both sides of the Kappil River (foreground), connected by a bridge. Seen in the background is the sands of Kappil beach. There is a trail through the palm groves to reach the sands from the resort.It's a 3 minutes walk from your room in the cottage to the beach!

Restaurant by seaside Vivanta by Taj - Bekal

'By The Bay' is located on the edges of the resort, overlooking the Kappil Beach.The whole restaurant is set amid the swaying coconut tree plantation, a bit detached from the rest of the buildings in the resort. The bamboo wick thatched roof, looks almost like the roof of the traditional houseboat!They serve traditional Malabar style seafood themed delicacies. Only open for the dinner (7.30pm-10.30pm).

Kappil Beach near Vivanta by Taj - Bekal

This relatively secluded beach is right on the edges of the resort. It's a 3 minutes trek through the coconut grove from your room in the resort to the beach. Seen the foreground is the hints of the the rocky outcrops (locally called Kodi Cliff) than marks the south end of the beach. Seen in the background is the casuarina plantation, on the very edge of the beach, as a means to prevent coastal erosion. The resort is hidden right behind the casuarina thicket.

Inside Vivanta by Taj - Bekal

Houseboat inspired design. This thatched roof over the corridor is similar to the one used in traditional kerala houseboats.These bamboo & coir design design add a special character to the overall aesthetic of the resort.

Cottage with private pool and courtyard Vivanta by Taj - Bekal

Inside one of Villas in Taj Vivanta in Bekal. Villa type accommodation in this resort comes in a few variants. Seen in photo is the one with a private courtyard, Garden and a daybed pavilion the overlooks both. The bedroom (not seen) and a private sitout (not seen) is behind the courtyard. The whole setup is within a gated enclosed compound wall, making it a great private living space inside the resort.

Inside Taj Vivanta Bekal

The resort is a great place for nature and birdwatching. There are quite a few bird species you can watch around the backwaters area of the resort. Seen on the left is the Kappil River before joining the sea, a little ahead. There are a good number of rooms in the resort with this view.

beachball court at Taj Vivanta Bekal

This beachball court stands between the seaside and the resort cottages inside the coconut palm grove of the resort.

Kappil beach near Taj Vivanta Bekal

Though it's a public beach, there is a private access to the beach from the resort. The beach is practically empty most of the times. Seen in the background is Kodi Cliff, a rocky outcrop protrude into the sea.

Kappil Backwaters in Taj Vivanta Bekal

The Kappil Backwaters is located inside this resort. Seen in the background is the Kappil beach, a short short stroll through the coconut palm groves in the resort.

Kayaking at Taj Vivanta

The shallow waters of the Kappil River that flows through the resort is ideal for Kayaking. One of the major outdoor activiti attraction in Taj Bekal resort.

Seaside restaurant at Vanta by Taj Bekal


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