What is the best time to visit Ellora?

Ellora is open for visitors throughout the year

Ellora is open for visitors throughout the year. The cooler months are from November to March. Around December-January are popular season for those finds the Indian weather a bit hotter.

The summer holidays and other holiday seasons are however popular among the touring Indian families. It’s also the crowded season with tighter reservation availability in the trains and over booked hotel accommodations. So skip weekends and other holiday seasons, if you are looking to enjoy Ellora with all its tranquility.

During the monsoon (rain) season the otherwise greyish looking landscape turn green. Even the streams that flows over the caves are turns vigorous, especially that majestic waterfall between Cave 28 and Cave 29 (Dumar Lena ). The fall and the streams changes the whole perspective of the Ellora’s environs during the monsoon season.

The annual four day Ellora Festival is held at the 17th century Soneri Mahal (Golden Palace) in Aurangabad during the last week of November. Earlier Ellora proper used to be its venue. Artists of national repute perform.




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