Why Bekal?

If you could visit only one place in Kerala to savour its Natural, heritage  cultural  and culinary flavour, pick Bekal and its environs. You'll not regret it!

Bekal is a slice of the quintessential Kerala. Everyting those 'God's Own Country' tourism ad campaigns tries to portray of Kerala is present in Bekal and its environs.

There are not many places in Kerala where the beaches, backwaters and the hill stations are closer than in Kasaragod district, with Bekal at its tourism epicentre.

Traditionally the sea facing Bekal Fort has been the anchoring point of Bekal's attractions. This is one of the largest and best preserved forts in Kerala. Howers its beaches were a surprise find.

Beaches that stretches on either sides of the fort's base is some of the best in this part of the country. Walk a few minutes away from the popular beaches, you'll easily  find yourself in one of those enigmatic and eerie looking empty beaches. That's Bekal beaches for you.

Drive eastward from Bekal, in about 50km you'll in the lap of Western Ghats. By the way Western Ghats is a mountainous range with phenomenal  biodiversity - a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in India.

In the neighborhood area of Bekal are a plethora of rivers and rivulets, all emptying into the Arabian Sea. Just before that they form into large estuaries, flow around large land mass making islands and form backwaters. Though a bit lacking in pomp and fanfare, compared to the south Kerala backwaters,  in natural beauty the backwaters around bekal rivals any in Kerala. Yes. There are houseboats too!

Kasargod has an unusual attraction when it come to the vernacular architecture :  The lake temple in Ananthapura. The rectangular shrine is quite unlike the traditional Kerala architecture. Of course Madhur and Adhur near Bekal some fine examples of Kerala style temple architecture.

Though well connected by  rail and national highway, Bekal is quite far from the crowded urban centers. At the same time Bekal sits closer to the confluence of three southern states.

Kasargod shares border with Coorg (Karnataka) another hidden gem in South India. You can visit Bekal as a standalone destination, or combine with Also the popular arc of Mysore - Wayanad - Ooty is doable natural extension to the itinerary.

In short Bekal has varied options under its fold, weather you are looking for a laidback or action packed destination. Plan for Bekal as a standalone destination or combine it with other popular regions as a larger itinerary. You'll find yourself right in either decisions.

Bekal is still looks like a clumsy latecomer in the Kerala tourism scene. Despite its best pretensions, Bekal doesn't look those cliche mass tourist destination (not yet!). Get there before this place loses its tranquility.

Take a look at Bekal's attractions and some tips to craft your own Bekal itinerary.

Kerala Backwaters Coracle fishing

Kerala Backwaters Coracle fishing




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