Chandragiri Fort

Get to this fort just for the panorama it offers from the top. The view of Arabian Sea from Chandragiri Fort easily rivals that from the much famous Bekal Fort.

Located midway between Kasaragod town and Bekal fort, Chandragiri Fort is named after the Chandragiri River that flows around the area.

This is a much smaller (and a bit less maintained) fort compared to the more famous and grandiose Bekal Fort.

However it's worth the trouble to get to this obscurely located fort. This 17th century fort is built on a laterite hillock overlooking the river and the sea. The river makes majestic U bend around a peninsular landmass before merging with the sea.

From the fort top you can see the peninsula at north, the river flowing around it and Arabian sea to the west. The whole area is filled chockablock coconut palm, as far as the eyes can see.

The location is brilliant to watch sunset.

There are a few windows on the fort wall, carved insitu out of the laterite hill, overlooking the sea. Unlike Bekal fort, the fort area looks pretty deserted with a sparse tourist crowd.

The river once marked the border between two erstwhile kingdoms. Tuluva Nadu in the north and Kolathunadu in the south banks of the river.

Location and Assess

Chandragiri  Fort is about 7km south of Kasargod town and 10km north of Bekal Fort. The fort is just ½km off from the highway (NH66), making it an ideal detour in the sightseeing itinerary.

Take the diversion at Melparamba on the NH66. There is a signboard that will guide to the entrance of the fort. It's a 10 minute trek to the fort top.

Kasaragod seen from Chandragiri Fort

Kasaragod seen from Chandragiri Fort.

Chandragiri Fort Window

Window carved out of the natural laterite hill. Seen through the window is the Arabian Sea.

Chandragiri Fort View


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