Cherai Beach

Cherai is a popular laid-back beach in Vypin Island, northwest of Kochi

Cherai is a popular laid-back beach in Vypin Island, northwest of Kochi.

Despite all those hype and aura surrounding it, Cherai at heart is as rural fishing village. Those looking for a rustic and unspoiled beach would find Cherai fit the bill!

The beaches of Cherai is no Goa, nor its backwaters life is not as busy as of Alleppy. But one of the amazing things about Cherai is the proximity of the beach and the backwaters. The combination is just brilliant, the key highlight of Cherai.

On your left is the Arabian sea with gentle waves lapping the sandy beach; on your right is pristine backwaters only to be separated by a narrow long stretch of coconut palm fringed land.

You'll also be surprised at the closeness of upscale resorts and shanty beach restaurants, all snuggling to fit into the limited space left between the waters.

Baring those crowded weekends and other popular holidays, Cherai beach is pretty less crowded.

Apart from the typical beach activities, don't miss to visit the backwaters. You can see the Chinese fishing nets , local fishing activists and life around the fringes of the backwaters. Take a bicycle or motorbike around the narrow allies and the causeway.

You can stay at Cherai village or visit the beach as a day trip from the neighboring towns. Ernakulam (Kochi) located about 25km is the ideal gateway to Cherai.

People do travel from Kochi as day's excursion to Cherai. You may even visit Cherai Beach as a 'drive-through', since it's just a 6km detour off the busy NH17.

Others tend to check-in at one of the resorts or homestays at Cherai and soak in the ambiance of Cherai. There are well over a dozen resorts and home-stays in the vicinity of the beach.

Book a cab or take one of those buses from the mainland.You would even find a few ferry points to Vypin island, from Ernakulam, Fort Kochi, Mattancherry and Bolgatty Island. Ferries land at the southern tip of Vypin. Cherai beach is about 20km north of the ferry point. Once in the island, you can take local buses and auto-rickshaws to reach the beach.

A narrow road lays parallel to the full length of the beach. From the Cherai Junction located on the arterial road in Vypin Island, you'll arrive at main beach scene. This is where the parking lot, beach cafes, shops and other touristy things are located.

Walk a bit south or north of this point where the beach is less crowded.

Apart from Cherai there are also a couple of beaches nearby like the Aniyal Beach to the south and Munakkal Beach towards north of Cherai.


Cherai is one place where you can checkout seafood and lake fishes like Karimeen (Pearlspot), Kakka (Musses) and Shrimp. There are a plenty of local eateries around the beach area.


Southern parts of Cherai Beach

Club Mahindra Resort Cherai Beach

Club Mahindra Cherai is located on the narrow strip of land sandwiched between the beach and the backwaters.

Cherai Backwaters

Backwaters across Cherai Beach


The southern part of Cherai beach

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