Footbridge at Nileshwaram

The longest foot bridge in Kerala! This community built connects Nileshwar Panchayat and Cheruvathur Panchayat across the Thejaswini River.

This is probably not in the league of a popular tourist attraction in this region.

That said, this longest footbridge in Kerala has a rustic charm of its own. Not for the weak hearted to cross this on foot!

The bridge is a community effort to link the tiny island called Achanthuruthu in the expansive Tejaswini river, near it joins the Arabian sea. The bridge is set in a stunning backwaters backdrop.

Near to the bridge you can also see the houseboat jetty and a local ferry point.

Take a short detour from the edges of Nileshwar town, very close to the point where the highway (NH17) crosses the river. In about 5 minutes drive, the road will end at the river banks.

This place makes a pleasant day trip, as part of your Bekal tour itinerary.

Achanthuruthu Footbridge across Tejaswini

The 400m long bridge is made with wooden flanges

Achanthuruthu Footbridge

Achanthuruthu Footbridge near Nileshwaram Town


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