Madhur Temple

This grandiose temple in north malabar region of Kerala is dedicated to Lord Shiva, however the temple is popularly known after Maha Ganapathi.

At Kasargod, a 6 km detour from NH66 (old NH17) will take you to the small Madhur town where the majestic Sri Madanantheshwara Siddhi Vinayaka Temple is located.

Apart from being an immensely popular temple among the devotees, Madhur Temple is associated with some interesting folklores and legends.

According the local folklore, a peasant woman named Madharu found the Sivalingam of the temple, hence the name Madhur. This temple is thus originally dedicated for Lord Shiva ( as Madhanentheswara). However the temple is popularly known for the Ganapati shrine adjacent to the main sanctorum.

The folklore has it that the image of Ganapati was drawn on the temple wall by the priest's little son. To his surprise the boy found the image got grown and fatty. He called the Ganapati Bodda Gahesha or Boddajja.

During his invasion of this region, the thirsty Sultan drank water from the temple well. He changed his mind to destroy the temple. However to satisfy his soldiers and religious scholars, Tipu made a cut on the wall with his sword. His army then headed towards the Malabar area. The mark supposedly make by Tippu is still visible inside the temple compound. There is a signboard near the temple well.

Sri Madanantheshwara Siddhi Vinayaka Temple, as it is known sits on the banks on a rivulet called Madhuvahini River. The river gets dry during the summer months. However during the peak monsoon season the river over flows, sometimes even sinking the temple courtyard with flood water.

At the front of the temple is the sacred pond, lined with laterite blocks. The unique step design is interesting. This layered step design to the water surface at all seasons, irrespective of the water level.

How to reach Madhur Temple:

There are frequent local bus services (private bus service) operating from Kasaragod town to Madhur. The last stop is in front of the temple. You can hire a taxi or auto rickshaw as well fro Kasaragod.
If you are driving, there are multiple routes to reach Madhur. From Kasaragod town take the NH17 towards Mangalore. Take the right diversion at Karandakkad Circle ( U turn and then left). Continue on the Madhur road till Madhur town.

If you are driving from Cherkala side drive towards, Kasaragod. Take the right diversion at Vidhya Nagar.

From Mangalore/Manjeshwar side keep driving on the NH66 and take the left diversion at Karandakkad Circle. Alternatively, if you wish to include the Ananthapura Temple (the lake temple) also in your itinerary, take the diversion at Kumbala itself. From Kumbala town, Ananthapura is on the Kumbala-Seethangoli-Badiyadukka route. Kumbala to Ananthapura distance is 5km.

Madhur is 8km south of Ananthapura Temple. Take the road via Maipady from Ananthapura.

The Madhur is 18 km north of the resort town Bekal. See the itinerary for other attractions around Bekal.

Madhur Temple Timings:
Morning: 05:30 am to 1:30 pm
Evening: 05:30 pm to 08:00 pm

Madhur Temple

The top two roofs are made with copper plates as roofing tiles. The lowest roof is covered with terracotta tiles.

Road to Ananthapura and Madhur Temples

From the Uliya Thaduka Junction take right for Madhur temple. Take the left for Ananthapura Temple

Madhur Temple - Viyayaka Shrine

The Vinayaka shrine is a tiny shrine built on the main shrine.

Stepped Pond - Madhur Temple

The unique layers of the stepped pattern ensures easy access to water, irrespective of the seasonal variation in the water level.


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