Kerala is often described as the God’s Own Country. Wayanad must be its capital!

However beauty hardened you are, Wayanad wouldn’t fail to make you say that proverbial “wow” (End of Cliché!)

In simple terms Wayanad sits in the middle of a region where nature is at its wild best. On top of it this area is yet to be polluted by the pomp and vanity so-called modern development. That means it is a good place for the city creatures to take a closer look and soak themselves in nature in its raw form.

Wayanad sits trapped in the middle of an arc of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks right from Silent Valley National Park at its south to Nagarhole National Park in its north. The other national parks - Mukurthi , Mudumalai and Bandipur - completes the arc. Of course there is Muthanga wildlife sanctuary fringe of Wayanad district.

What to do in Wayanad?

Typically visitors do a few things in Wayanad. Visit the wildlife sanctuaries in Wayanad , scale one the many peaks , roam and enjoy the beauty of the tea and spice plantations , peddle around in the Pookote lake and so on. If all that sound hectic for you, it is always possible to hibernate in one of the many spas, get rejuvenated by an ayurvedic oil massage, order your exquisite Kerala cuisine at regular intervals or sit and listen to those exotic bird chirpings at your backyard.

You would feel yourself a lot smarter if you can pick and chose a right combination of the above all.

How to craft the Wayanad Itinerary?

The attractions in Wayanad are scattered around this large district. A good deal of your time will be spend on traveling between the attractions, than enjoying them, if you pack the itinerary for the day with too many. See the factor needs to consider while making your Wayanad sightseeing plan.

Attractions and places of interest in Wayanad.

Northwest Wayanad
Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary ( Kartikulam )
Pakshi Pathalam ( Thirunelli)
Thrissilery Shiva Temple ( Kartikulam )
Thirunelli Temple ( Kartikulam )
Papanasini ( Thirunelli)
Pazhassi Park ( Mananthavady )
Pazhassi Raja's Tomb ( Mananthavady )
Paingatteri Agraharam ( Mananthavady )
Pallikkunnu Church ( Kambalakkad )

Northeast Wayanad
Seetha Lava Kusha Temple ( Pulpally )
Jain Temple (Ruined) ( Panamaram )
Kuruva Island ( Pulpally )
Valliyoorkavu Temple ( Mananthavady )

Southwest Wayanad:
Banasura Sagar Dam ( Padinjarathara )
Korome Mosque ( Padinjarathara )
Karalad Lake ( Padinjarathara )
Pookode Lake ( Lakkidi )
Chain Tree (Lakkidi)
Lakkidi View Point (Lakkidi)

Southeast Wayanad
Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary ( Sulthan Bathery )
Uravu ( Muttil )
Meenmutty Falls ( Vaduvanchal )
Neelimala View Point ( Vaduvanchal )
RARS ( Ambalavayal )
Muniyara ( Ambalavayal )
Wayanad Heritage Museum ( Ambalavayal )
Karapuzha Dam ( Meenangadi )
Kanthanpara Falls ( Meppadi )
Phantom Rock ( Ambalavayal )
Chembra Peak ( Meppadi )
Chethalayam Falls ( Sulthan Bathery )
Edakkal Caves ( Ambalavayal )
Jain Temple ( Sulthan Bathery )
Sentinel Rock/Soochipara Falls ( Meppadi )
Sunrise Valley ( Vaduvanchal )

How to reach Wayanad?

The only way to reach Wayanad is by road. Wayanad shares border with both Tamilnadu and Karnataka, with direct road connections.

The nearest major railway station ( Kozhikode) is a good 65 kilometers west of Vythiri in Wayanad. Any which route you opt, you'll go through many curvy sections, hairpin bends and and drive through forests before you finally arrive at your destination in Wayanad.

Bangalore and Mysore : Bangalore to Wayanad route.
Mangalore, Kasargod, Kannur, Bekal and Kozhikode : Bekal to Wayanad road routes.


Road Map with major attractions in Wayanad.

Sita Devi Temple

Sita Devi temple in Wayanad.

Road in wayanad

A good deal of roads in Wayanad are through forest

Elephant on the road to Wayanad




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